Home Deck

Some of you saw the last time I posted an arbour we had built on our deck at our trailer site.  I got so much great feed back and also I loved how it turned out so much I decided to do this at home too.

We have a much smaller deck at home since we spend most of our summer at the trailer, but I still wanted to make it look inviting.  So here is the picture of what we finished today.

In the right corner we placed a heated shallow bird bath….the birds are sure enjoying that…it keeps the water lukewarm.  Nothing like a heated pool LOL

On the left my husband screwed a bare tree that had fallen in our back yard and there is also a large branch that is placed horizontally just under the bird houses and extends to the right…the birds are loving the branches.  Even the hummingbirds perch there.

New Deck/Arbour

This will be a very different post this time around.  I thought I’d share with you what we’ve done so far at our trailer site.

We decided to buy a trailer last year and park it on Manitoulin Island.  This island is in northeastern Ontario Canada.  It’s a beautiful and quaint island that doesn’t change much.  We had not camped here for over twenty years and driving here..it was like we had done it just yesterday.  Nothing had changed other than the trees and other vegetation got way bigger. You access this island by a swing bridge from the mainland.  When you cross over you absolutely need to stop at the ice cream shop that’s immediately to the right after getting off the bridge.  They serve Farquar’s Ice Cream….the creamiest you will ever have the pleasure to eat..YUM!

I wasn’t sure I would like camping since I am a 5 star camper.  I’m a princess so I need all the amenities of home.

When we brought it last July, we parked it , bought some outdoor area rugs and camped that way.  I wasn’t sure still that I would like this.

But day by day we started to meet couples our age that we became fast friends with.  We would do potlucks together.  Every Saturday we go to yard sales.  We get together at night aournd someones camp fire.

Now this year we built a deck to have that extra outdoor space where we could entertain better….and it made it easier to get into and out of the trailer.  The deck is built high right up to the trailer door.

So I hope you enjoy the pics….this is what we’ve done so far.  Promised  hubby there would be no more projects this summer…time to enjoy and have fun!!!