flowerAbout Me

I am a (young) 64 year old boomer chick. I am a semi retired Interior Designer and I also had my own baking shop for a while. I am the wife of a wonderful husband who is always willing to tackle my honey do list, and be my dishwasher when I start on a baking/cooking spree. Love being the mother of two beautiful sons who are both in business for themselves and grandmother to four awesome grandchildren. Tamara who is 16, Owen 12, Madden 7 and Cohen 4. So proud of all of them!!!!

I come from a family of great cooks. My great grandfather was a lumber camp cook ( I still have his baked beans recipe) My grandmother was an awesome cook and that’s where I got my attention to detail from. She would spend hours fussing, making delicate sandwiches for the tea at church. I remember loving to sneek a peak in her dresser drawer…she had matching gloves and scarves sets that she would wear when she went out. She was an elegant lady. They lived simply though, but we felt rich when we visited there. I remember holiday suppers when she would set two tables..the house was so small. But the food was plentiful and so deliscious! How I miss those days!!!

The reason for my blog is to connect with women our age and talk about topics that interest us. We are still very much alive, active, involved in our community, having fun with our families and friends. We still love to cook, entertain, shop, look good, etc.etc. I will be posting a variety of things that I think would interest us boomer chicks….recipes, clothes, entertaining tips, decorating and so on. Hope you will come along and enjoy this journey with me…..