flowerChristmas Tour of Homes 2018


How I love Christmas.  The decorating, the lights, the sparkle and all the shopping.  I love when the stores are busy with people…I just love it all!

In Sudbury where I live there is a Christmas Tour of Homes…they raise funds for charities in our area.  It is always well attended.  This year there were six houses on the tour.  I was invited to decorate one of them…the largest house on the tour.  There were seven trees, small trees all over and all the other decorations, like the mantle, etc.

When I first got to the house at the time it all started there was a lineup all the way down the walkway, the driveway and up a bit of the street…good thing it was a beautiful day out!

So I thought I’d bring you on the “Tour”…maybe you’ll pick up some ideas for your place….

They just added this sunroom this fall so we decided it would be a great spot for a tree….one of seven in this house.

This was her daughter’s room (they are empty nesters) so we decided to keep it girly.  There is fur ribbon, and embossed ribbon and the tree is full of snowflakes…all sizes.  And clusters of purple balls.

This was on the mantle…there is a tv in the middle but there was room on each side so we filled the areas with assorted trees, branches with red bell/balls and candles.

It was such a large house we had to get creative and use things around the house…an ugly Christmas sweater and some well used skates.

The lady of the house is an artist…so I had her paint this as a backdrop for the manger.  There are small lights that come through and sparkle like stars.

This tree if full of words like Joy, Peace, Merry Christmas etc and full of large and small snowflakes.

The dining room table is so inviting….it says “come sit with us”.  Enjoy some food with us!!!

In the kitchen we go…..on a long peninsula we put a old sleigh…..an old wire basket is full of red ribbon, a tree, it says “Merry Christmas”

The owner said she just loves going up to her bedroom….she puts the tree lights on and reads …till she falls asleep!

Here is another sample of her art…..

Hope you enjoyed the “Tour”






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